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    Goud en zilver. Hype of geen hype?

    Papieren geld heeft nooit een intrinsieke waarde gehad. De waarde was, en is altijd afhankelijk geweest van vertrouwen; vertrouwen in banken, vertrouwen in overheid, vertrouwen in de economie. Dit vertrouwen is anno 2012 ver te zoeken en met de miljarden euro's, dollars, yens en yuans die dagelijks worden bijgedrukt dichten we het ene gat met het andere. Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat beleggers terugkeren naar tastbare producten met een tastbare waarde zoals goud en zilver.

    Goud en zilver worden al eeuwen erkend als betrouwbaar betaalmiddel omdat het aanbod gelimiteerd is. In tegenstelling tot bovenstaande valuta kan je edelmetaal niet naar behoefte creëren of bijdrukken. Goud en zilver hebben namelijk wel een intrinsieke waarde en dat is in onzekere financiële tijden een prettige gedachte. Of er nu 1 dollar of 1 yen op een gouden of zilveren munt gedrukt staat, aan het einde van de dag is het muntstuk in ieder geval zijn gewicht in edelmetaal waard.

    De huidige prijzen van goud en silver zijn dan ook geen hype. Het grote publiek is het vertrouwen in papieren geld kwijt en het zal de financiële instanties veel tijd gaan kosten om dit vertrouwen weer te herstellen. Daarnaast is er vanuit de industriële sector een immer toennemende vraag naar edelmetalen voor allerhande toepassingen in computers, beeldschermen, medische instrumenten, mobiele telefoons etc. Met name bij zilver overtreft de vraag het aanbod vele malen, en deze onbalans zal enkel toenemen. Ondertussen blijft de spot price voor goud en zilver stijgen....lees meer >>



    nieuws bericht 2

    Buffett en Gates zien niets in goud............


    It's not every day you can find people to take the opposite side of a trade from Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, but then gold is not your average trade.

    Gold bugs are known as some of the most passionate investors, so not even high-level slams from the Oracle of Omaha and the founder of Microsoft can cool their fire.

    "Absolutely, I would take the other side of that trade," says Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies in Holmdel, N.J. "The stock market has gone nowhere in nominal terms in 12 years. It makes sense as a default under the current conditions of negative real interest rates to own something that keeps you afloat, that preserves your purchasing power."

    Pento is the former senior economist at Euro Pacific Capital, the firm run by noted gold enthusiast Peter Schiff. Pento has nailed the trajectory of gold's price for the past three years running.
    Primarily because of the Federal Reserve's weak-dollar policies, Pento expects gold to continue to hold its place as an inflation hedge, as well as a safe-haven asset to buffer against global debt contagion.

    For 2012 he thinks gold should be able to hit $1,900 an ounce.

    "I would ask Mr. Buffett if he could own a lone share of a representative of the S&P 500, or would he rather have the equivalent of an ounce of gold," Pento says. "Which investment has done better over the last dozen years? The answer is clear: gold."

    Buffett and Gates primarily don't like gold because of its lack of intrinsic value. It's not the same as holding shares in a company that has a clear revenue stream and business model, which in turn make it comparatively easy to value. (Buffett's right-hand man at Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger, has been less diplomatic, suggesting in an interview Thursday that no "civilized person" should own gold.)

    Rather than being cowed by Buffett's legend as a buy-and-hold investor, some gold advocates instead consider him out of touch with present-day conditions.

    "His track record since 2008 has not been very good," says Kathy Boyle, president of Chapin Hill Advisors in New York. "He might be the Oracle of Omaha for the long term, but short-term since 2008 his trades have not been that great."

    Boyle owns gold through the iShares Gold Trust, an exchange-traded fund that tracks the daily prices of bullion.
    "Most of the typical advisers out there and money managers don't look at gold as an investment -- they don't look at it as a tradeable asset in their portfolio," she says. "There's going to be a flight to quality and a flight to safety. The dollar will go up, gold will go up and Treasurys will go up."

    The safe-haven theme is a popular one, boosted by the notion that Europe's sovereign debt crisis is setting off a national recession that ultimately will spill to the U.S. shores.
    Capital Economics in London has established a $2,200 per ounce price target by the end of the year for gold, though the firm thinks investing in the metal will not be profitable in 2013, when the price slips to $2,000

    "Gold is still likely to benefit from safe haven demand and the continuation of ultra-loose monetary policy, including in the US," Julian Jessop, Capital's chief global economist, said in a note. "We suspect that gold would still do better than the dollar in a scenario where the issue is not just sovereign defaults but the very survival of the euro, and that in this scenario it would revert to a negative correlation with equities."

    Jessop said a mass breakup of the European Union could send gold as high as $5,000, while a scenario in which Europe stays united and the global economy recovers could kick gold down to $1,000. However, he sees neither extreme scenario as likely.

    To be sure, the sentiments of Buffett and Gates have support in the markets.
    The agreement comes primarily from those who believe that the U.S. economy can survive and grow independent of Europe's problems, allowing stocks to keep pushing higher and negating the need for the rainy-day sentiment behind gold investing.

    "Businesses have dramatically improved their balance sheets, there's a horde of cash out there and companies are slowly starting to deploy some of that cash," says Chip Cobb, senior vice president at Bryn Mawr Trust in Bryn Mawr, Pa. "There's a far better place in equities than in gold or fixed income."
    Even a breakdown in Europe might not drive gold higher, as an economic slowdown would not produce inflation, argues Gary Clark, commodities strategist with Roubini Global Economics in London.

    Clark says his firm -- and its famed namesake, "Dr. Doom" Nouriel Roubini -- remains neutral on gold with a near-term price target of $1,700 an ounce.
    "Fundamentally, we're in a disinflationary environment for the moment. We see inflation decelerating for the rest of the year in many developed markets," Clark says. "On top of that I would say with the votes against austerity for Greece and France, that provides upside for the U.S. dollar. These are all downside risks for gold prices ahead.

    Hedge fund manager Dennis Gartman, who authors the widely followed Gartman Letter, says he's a "tad skeptical" about gold -- which he owns in euros —--but understands its allure.

    "One should own a bit of gold but one shouldn't be enamored of gold. It's nothing more than a hedge against Armageddon," he says. "The best one can say is the (chart) trend seems to be in very broad terms from the lower left to upper right. That's the best one can say, and anything more than that will make you look foolish."

    By Jeff Cox
    CNBC, New York
    Monday, May 7, 2012


    nieuws bericht 1

    De republikeinse presidentskandidaat Ron Paul twijfelt aan de Fort Knox gouddeposito's.........


    ATLANTIC, Iowa -- Ron Paul said Thursday that he's eager to find out how much gold the United States really owns.

    A supporter at a town hall meeting asked about Fort Knox: "Would you reveal as president whether there's actually gold there?"

    Here is Paul's full response:

    "Yes, and if I couldn't accomplish that then there's big trouble in this country. I may need to get some help for you. I tried for years to do this. ... I never went to Fort Knox. I made a request when the gold commission came up in the early 1980s. We had a study of the role of gold in the monetary system. There were 17 members, and I couldn't get one other person to endorse the principle that we ought to go to Fort Knox and find out if there's gold.

    "Gold is in more places than Fort Knox. There's some in New York City, as well as at West Point. And there's already admission by our government: 'Well, that gold in New York City, we haven't been able to verify that for a long time.' And we all know, and that's why the audit of the Fed is important, because there's a lot of shenanigans that go on. They'll loan the gold, and they'll use it as collateral on these international transactions. So there's so much that we have to know about. But that should be on high priority. So I will continue to do that. I think I'll have a little more clout as president, and I thank you for the question."
    Many in the crowd of about 150 at the community center applauded energetically.

    Crusading for the gold standard helped boost the Texas congressman politically, but of late he's been trying to broaden his message to appeal to more traditional Republican voters ahead of the Jan. 3 caucuses. So the answer took him a little off message and reminded voters of his unorthodox views on issues other than Iran.


    By James Hohmann
    Politico, Arlington, Virginia






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